Saturday, August 22, 2015

Little Ice Box

I made a little ice box for the kitchen. The one I wanted to use was too big for the space so I had to design one that fit into the space for it.

I made a really simple ice box and lined it with aluminum tape and shelves.

It fits into the space for it. It's a cute little ice box that serves it's purpose but it's not very fancy. I might do a little more sanding, paint and a coat of triple thick but I don't want it to look too modern anyways.


  1. Hi Theresa! I applaud your ice box! I think that your idea of lining the interior with the metal tape was Brilliant. It does indeed look cold inside!
    I learned a tip from Pat and Noel Thomas when they wrote regular articles for Nutshell News back in the 80's and 90's. When they constructed miniature appliances, if you coat the exterior with a putty ie. a spackle or wall plaster, then sand it smooth, gesso and paint with enamel, then the wood will look more authentic as the grain disappears. I have done it myself and their method works beautifully. However you might want to test it out on a piece of scrap first, to see if it also works for you. :))


  2. That sounds like a good tip. I will have to try that! Thanks! :)