Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fancy Armless Chairs

I've been wanting to make a few of these ever since I saw them in the book. I love the feminine quality of them and the old faded look of the material. I decided to make two of these because it's just as easy to make two as it is one. I just cut double everything and I only have to get my supplies out once so it saves me time. Gotta have lots of chairs and mirrors in this house!

They are made out of cereal box card glued in layers and the front legs on these are little wooden skewers with thin strips of card glued to them to imitate turned wood. Then they are pushed into small pieces of wood block. The cushions and insets are plain fabric covered cardboard. I drew the pattern on lightly with colored pencils and rubbed them with my finger to make them look faded.

The little twisted trim can be made with embroidery floss but I had some on a card already made with a gold thread running through it so that's what I used. I gesso'd and painted them with gold paint before gluing the fabric pieces on. I added six layers of paper towel to the padded sides and no padding on the backs. These are my new favorite chairs now.

I added extra wood for leg support to the underside of the chairs and the backs are very fragile but it wouldn't take much to add curved arms to these and make another set of chairs or cut out the center ovals and put aida cloth between the layers for another look... hmmm, always thinking of modifications. I might have to make one like that.

The backs of the chairs even have an inset so the chairs look pretty from both sides. The pink striped one will go in the kitchen as an extra chair and the floral chair goes in the living room.

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