Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kitchen Stove

Well, I had to make one and I put it off until almost the last. I didn't want to make the one in the book and I couldn't find one I liked to fit my kitchen so I used Caroline's stove tutorial over at Cinderella Moments to help me make a stove to fit my little kitchen. I had to downsize it quite a bit to keep it at scale for my house and fit a space of 3-1/2" wide. Mine turned out kind of plain with no clock or decoration but that's how I wanted it.

After this stove I only have a coffee table and Louis XVI chair for the living room to finish all the furniture up... those little kits really helped save me a lot of time. But there's a small part III to all this now and that will be the finishing touches.

I'm making frame molds and picking pictures to hang. I have some books, curtains, rugs and candles to make and maybe a few more mirrors, I'm working on the dishes and I've bought the pots and pans. I just have all the "little stuff" to do to finish up my French Country house.

The little stove pieces went together pretty easy. I used straight pins to hinge pin the doors and sanded the edges to close after several coats of white paint and glaze. The little knobs are layers of card punched from two sizes of hole punches and glued together. And the oven rack is just florist's wire cut and glued in shape with wood glue. I love wood glue to hold wire because it looks like solder when you paint over it and it holds like super glue.

I love this little stove! You can also use the straight pin hinges on doors that you make in the frame but this is the first time I've used them on furniture. They work great!

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  1. Well Done Theresa! I love your results and how nice to use Caroline's stove tutorial as a jumping off point! I am now looking forward to seeing what it looks like once it is installed inside the kitchen; how exciting! :D