Friday, May 4, 2018

Tiny Dollhouse

I got the tiny doll's house dollhouse painted. I also finished the inside and decided to make a little couch for the living room.

The floors are just dry brushed with different shades of a brown acrylic wash and sealed with a satin gloss finish to look like wood.

This was probably the tiniest project I've worked on in a while but it convinced me to stick to 1:12 scale!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Painting Containers

Part of the fun of making little containers is finishing and painting them. It was hard to decide what colors to finish these with.

I really liked the galvanized metal look for the wash tub and flower containers but I liked a shiny metal paint look on most of the water cans.

I bought this little table at the Dollar Tree and just added a shelf to the bottom. Then I decided to make it a garden bench and paint it shabby.

The little flower pots turned out pretty good with a little white paint dragged on them for salt buildup and green paint to simulate algae.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Clothing for Mice

I love the mice I've seen that are wearing sweaters but to make a sweater that small, they either have to be cut out of a knit material and fray checked, or actually knitted that small. I decided to try to knit one but I didn't have yarn or needles that small.

So I took a 4 ply yarn and cut a good length of it and separated it into single strands. Then I tied it all together and wrapped it into a little ball. I used long toothpicks I had and sanded and rubbed them smooth to use as knitting needles. I figured out later that I could have used size 1 double pointed needles too. They looked about the same size.

So I set out to make a simple little mouse sweater. I'm already thinking of hats, coats, accessories, etc... this could be the start of a massive hobby.

So I also tried a fancy twisted yarn on size 1 double pointed needles and the stitches came out pretty big so I don't think I'll use that yarn. I can't separate it since it's just one big strand. I settled on 2 ply cotton because it comes in bright colors for the bigger sweaters and 1 ply where the strands are strong enough to knit. I made the first couple of sweaters a little large but I got the sleeves right by making a 6 to 8 stitch i-cord. No seams on them! I've made them before on things too narrow to seam and turn. I just guesstimate how many stitches it takes. All you have to remember is to pull that first stitch really tight.

So it's all a little trial and error to see what I like the best and then make them like that. Little bitty sweaters. They're so cutie-patootie!