Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Kitchen Sink

I just love the old world look of the kitchen sink. I'm so glad the book gives instructions for making the fixtures and furniture too.

I just cut my balsa pieces out and glued them together. I trimmed a little off to fit in the cubby space of the wall. Then I rounded in the joints with vinyl spackling. When that was dry, I painted it with white paint and added a little rivet drain hole.

I cut thin strips out of my thin wood and made a little draining/drying rack for the sink. I'm thinking of making a little curtain to put on the front of the sink just for cuteness.

The kitchen is almost done now. I just have a few little trims to finish out then we'll be moving on up to the living room. This is going faster than I thought but I still have to do ALL the furniture so we'll see how fast that goes. And I've even managed to get some (real) gardening and yard work done in-between working on the rooms.

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