Friday, May 15, 2015

The Kitchen is Done!

I got all the trims painted and some little details in even though my pictures don't show the side window. It was still drying from having the trims put on it.

I covered a piece of plexi with aluminum tape and drew a design on it with the point of a knitting needle for the stove heat deflector. Then I smeared white paint on my finger and dabbed it all over the design, wiping it back off so it will stay in the creases.

I also made a little towel rack/plate holder over the range cubby. I used two tiny eye screws and a sliver of wood for the dowel.

I made the plumbing out of a piece of florist's wire and bent it to shape for the sink pipe and faucet. Of course there are more details I want to finish but it will have to wait for later because I don't want to get bogged down in too much detail at this stage. I'm keeping my momentum and moving forward up to the living room next.

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