Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Bedroom Walls

All the walls are pretty in this room but the outside wall holds the most interest. Love the little built in shelves and mini-closet. It starts out pretty plain and you have to check the clearance space for the back of the shelves with the slope of the roof to make them fit just right.

This room has a fireplace too. I made a decorative swag for the carved wood piece out of polymer clay and then made a mold so I could duplicate it for more. I couldn't find a curved decorative strip or a pre-made mold for the tops of the built-ins and the long wall so I had to make my own.

For the fireplace in this room I made some decorations for the front and kept it light with white paint and a faux white marble finish on the mantle and front panels.

These are my molds. I ran out of mold putty and thin wood for trims while finishing this room. I can't believe I used six whole sheets of thin balsa for the trims and built-ins for this house! I have used up a lot of my supplies on this project! If you saw my stash, you'd know that's a good thing. But I'm nowhere near done yet.

I love the wallpaper for this room. I got it at Far Far Hill. It's one of the free papers in the pack called 'Premonition of Bonheur'.

Just a few little finishing touches and I still need to make the door separating the two rooms. I think I love this room the most but I say that with each room I do until I get to the next one. So being the last room to finish... I think I like this one the best! I'm ready to move in!

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