Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Baby's Room Walls

The walls of the baby's room come together with thin strips of balsa and strips of cereal box cardboard cut at angles to make textured panels. The book calls for different wood than I have so I improvised with thick cardboard.

I glued the balsa framework onto poster board and then cut my angles and fitted them together in paneled sections.

When the glue was dry, I gave each wall a base coat of gesso and painted with a pale pink when dry.

I glued each section up and let it dry before filling in the corners with vinyl spackling.

This room was easy peasy after doing all the tile work and stairs.

The tile work was tedious and the stairs were nerve racking. I guess getting the hard part over first was the way to go. Now I can really enjoy working on the other rooms.

It does seem this room came together so quick. I didn't have any trouble with the walls fitting together nicely either. The instructions in the book are spot on.

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