Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Chandeliers

It's just as easy to make two chandeliers as it is one while my wire and beads are out. I'm making one for the living room and one for the bedroom. The one for the living room is going to look silver and the one for the bedroom is going to look gold plated. They will both have six candle "lights" but only the center will light up with a regular bulb.

I got the fittings in the jewelry dept and I made the main holder piece out of the top of a little bottle. Then I poked holes in it for the wire. I used the guts of a cheap stick pen for the candles. You can blow out the ink and clean them out under a faucet before cutting.

I twisted the wires for the arms of the candle holders and used glossy accents as a glue to hold it all together because it dries hard and crystal clear. I also made the little clear light bulbs on top of the candles with it.

The finished living room chandelier has some beads glued around the bulb holder. I wish I could let them dangle but I don't want to take a chance having the wires pull out of the bulb again like the kitchen light did.

The bedroom chandelier is a little fancier with larger candle holder bases. The top holds the light bulb secure to the ceiling. I will make some round ceiling medallions to help secure the fixtures for each room.

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