Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Kitchen Light

The kitchen light is suppose to look like a pull down light. I didn't have any little pulleys or the know-how to make them so I faked it with cardboard "pulley-shaped" pieces painted gold.

The shade is cardboard covered with lacey fabric and the edge has some lace glued to it. I use a small filigree jewelry piece on the top of the shade. I made the little weight with three beads I glued together and then glued a fake pulley on top of that. Now I can wire the kitchen side of the house and get started on those walls.

UPDATE: I had to rewire the light in the kitchen. I found out the wires had pulled away from the bulb. I'm glad I didn't have the walls up yet. I had to go buy another wire w/bulb attached. I tried to solder the wires back on the socket but it didn't work out. Now I have to worry about that happening in another room after I get the walls done! I need to make sure the socket wires and sockets are really well attached to the fixtures in all the rooms so they don't pull loose again.

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