Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's A Girl!

No, no, not the royal baby - - well she's a girl too but I'm talking about my dollhouse baby, of course. She's almost two inches long and weighs .4 ounces. I haven't named her yet but... maybe in a couple of days.

Well, the baby's room in the book is pink so you could have guessed that much if you have the book. I've been working on a little baby for the nursery and got her done today. How great timing was that? And, she's anatomically correct too.

I made her out of polymer clay and strung her together with elastic cord so her limbs could move. I blushed her with Genesis paints. She's got a fat little frog belly and loves to pose.

I have her head glued on with a toothpick for support. I need to make some molds and do some more castings so I can make a few more (and hopefully get better details) but I'm liking this baby pretty much so I think I'll keep her.  :)

I made her diaper (nappie) out of printed tissue and hold it on with little strips of scotch tape. 

She can already sit up all by herself. And she loves to pose. I may have to make a few more little babies later on. I could spend a lot of time on these if I'm not careful, but - I have a house to build!

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