Sunday, April 12, 2015

Working On The Landing

Oh no, more steps! Actually before the steps going to the third floor get made, the landing needs to be painted and the floor made. The walls are two toned beige and tan.

After I painted, attached the lamp and glued in the far wall from foam core board, I used vinyl patch to fill in the edges like you would caulk. I put vinyl spackling into an empty glue bottle, added a tiny bit of distilled water to thin it out a little and used it to fill in the cracks between the wall edges for a nice finished look. I smoothed it out with my finger just like real caulk. After it was dry, I painted over it.

The floor is done just like the entry floor only a little smaller pattern. I have to get the landing done before I can put the wall up between it and the bathroom so I needed to do the hallway living room wall and woodwork too before I put the bathroom wall up. I'm doing a white brickwork wall there and down the sink side of the bathroom. Once I get the divider up, it will not be easy to access the landing except through the double doors or bathroom door... or the window before I glue it in.

The railing on the second story landing gets glued together. I put holes into a wood strip to hold the rungs before attaching the rail to the top of it instead of putting them straight into the floor. I will just glue the rail in after painting. It has to bump up against the stairs to look right. I will just glue the curved end to the top of the stair railing.


  1. Hi Teresa! I am really enjoying the progress of this Lea house project and the time that you are taking to notate the various steps involved. I am grateful for the tip on dispensing the calking in a glue bottle! What a great idea!!! :)) I love the circular window over the bathroom door. It dose make such a difference having that extra bit of light inside the hall as well as being able to see some of your hard work after the wall is up and permanently installed.
    Keep up the Great work that you are doing!:D


  2. Dear Theresa,

    you are pretty fast working on your Léa house :) Looks gorgeous !
    So exciting to follow!
    Mini hugs from Pipi :)