Friday, April 10, 2015

The Entry Way Done!

The entry is done. It's the first room in the house so I wanted to finish it first. I tried to stay pretty true to the book on this room because I loved everything about it.

The first step to putting up the front door was to frame off the inside wall. All the wiring on that side of the house had to be done first because I encased it in the entry wall. The walls are painted a soft off white to give it a warm and welcoming look.

I lightly textured my entryway walls with vinyl spackling and I also did the front and large side wall in foamcore before I add them into the room. I had to bring out the large wall a little so my pre-made door frame will be flush with that side of the partition. This is the only pre-made door I'm going to use in the house. I like the hinge, but I don't like the chunkiness of the door frame.

Once the walls were up and dry, the floor went down and then the doors were attached. I worked on the staircase while everything else was drying.

All it needs now is a few pieces of furniture. 

Moving on to the second story where the hall is already coming together. Can't do the bathroom until the hall is done so the wall between them can go up. There's a lot to do in the hall.


  1. Beautiful Work Theresa! I know that you must be really Stoked about the way everything looks. Well Done, and now it is onward and upwards! :D


  2. Oh I'm still exited about the house. I think the kitchen will be the hardest for me. I've never made appliances before but we'll see how it goes. Thanks! :)

  3. I think that it is cool that you are going to make the appliances Theresa! There are lots of tutorials for you to refer to, but I think that if you can make a staircase, then making a stove shouldn't be too hard for you to do at all! :D