Friday, April 3, 2015

The Grand Staircase

The staircase is one of the things I couldn't wait to get started on. I also want to start on the flooring. I cut the rails out for the risers by enlarging the pattern in the book to the correct size and cutting out four thicknesses of cereal box card for them. I glued 2 thicknesses together for each side, then glued the risers to them before gluing the steps on.

The top rail for the rungs was made by drawing and cutting out the pattern from two thicknesses of cereal box cardboard then gluing them together. Then glue braid or cord on top of that. You could use bristol board instead of cardboard. I did not pierce the holes of the rungs into the rail. Instead, I just used glossy accents to glue them to the underside of the rail.

I ran a bead of glue to reinforce all the joints on the underside of the steps.

I cut the risers and steps out of balsa wood and shaped the bottom step riser out of card to wrap around on the end before attaching the rungs to the sides of the frame.


I reinforced the rungs on the underside of the steps and rail with glossy accents to hold them in place. I let everything dry thoroughly between coats of paint and glue before finishing with gesso then white paint except for the steps.

I stained and sanded the steps a little to simulate real wear. I glued a bead to the top of the first rail and painted it gold. I knew this staircase would be a little complicated so I wanted to tackle it and get it out of the way before I put my floor down and did the walls of the entry way. It looks fragile but it's surprisingly strong with all that glue and reinforcement underneath.


  1. WOWEEE! I Love your staircase, Theresa and what a fine job of it you've made! :)) I hate making stairs, but you have made it sound easy to do. I would not have considered using Glossy Accents as an adhesive for the spindles. What made you chose that over a wood glue or another type of adhesive? Just curious.


  2. Thank you Elizabeth! Oh I love glossy accents because it's not only a fast drying glue but it is super thick and dries clear and hard like plastic. I use it for a lot of things. I like wood glue too but it's runny, glossy accents is thicker and fills in cracks and spaces better. Thanks for asking!