Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Making Tiles

I love the tile floor of the entry way shown in the book. I could hardly believe it's made out of bristol board. It looks like real tile. I've cut out cereal box cardboard for my tiles and glued them to poster board. It's about the thickness I want.

Before cutting into strips, I paint the board the colors I want. I'm using Folk Art Vintage White acrylic paint and give it two to three coats over gesso until it's covered well. It only took one coat of the black to cover the card for the little accent tiles. I use grid lines to lay out my tiles, leaving a slight space between them.

I'm using vinyl spackling for my grout and just wiping it off with my finger and a slightly damp sponge. I've used matte mod podge as a sealer after the grout has dried overnight. After I glue the finished flooring to the dollhouse, I will give it a coat of liquid floor wax and buff it out.

It took several hours to make this one little floor but you can't get that handmade artsy look from pre-made flooring. I love it. It looks like real tile!