Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wiring the Dollhouse

Before I can put the walls up and do the upper floors, I need to bring the wiring down to the basement where they will all be plugged into a power strip that's attached to a transformer. 

Each room can be plugged or unplugged as needed. I am installing seven lights total. One for each bedroom (2), one in the hall, kitchen, living room, bathroom and a wall lamp for the second story landing hall. My light strip has twelve outlets.

I found out that most of my wire on my fixtures is not long enough to reach to the basement so each fixture will have to be spliced in the upper floors. I have to cut little grooves into the floor above each light fixture so my wiring will allow the floor to be flat. I will tape over them with masking tape.

I'm using little screw-in bulbs to pre-wired sockets for my lighting. They are really not as expensive as I thought. I got all my stuff in a 30% off sale at Hobby Lobby except for the transformer. I got that on Amazon because my store did not stock just the transformer by itself.

I want to make most of my light fixtures but I couldn't resist a little tulip light for the hall. I've spliced wires before so this is not hard if you just remember to twist the wires together and wrap them with shrink tube or electrical tape so they can't touch the other set of wires. I already have one side of the dollhouse wired and all the lights all work! YEAH! 


  1. I'm always happy to see someone else building this house :)
    You are doing a great job !
    Mini hugs from Pipi :)

  2. Oh I just ran across your site this morning. I love your house, it's so pretty. Mine's not nearly as exact but I am learning a lot. Thanks for the kind words. :)

  3. I was a absolute beginner when I started it hihi. But as you wrote, it was a process of learning. Step by step, a wonderful expierience.
    Thank you Theresa :)