Friday, April 17, 2015

The Landing Is Done!

The landing is done! YIPPEE! I've already started working on all the bathroom tiles but before I get ahead of myself... the landing is done and I love the steps and rails even though they were very intense. My step does hang over the door a little more than the one in the book. And my steps are a little crooked but I can fix that later. It's not perfect.

The view from the bathroom into the landing doesn't show much but you can really see it best from the window. It was a lot of work but it's the most interesting part of the house architecturally speaking.

I'm not going to tell you the stairs are easy. They take a lot of patience. Just don't give up until they look right. That railing was a pain in the wazoo but eventually with much finagling (and groans of frustration) it came around to my way of thinking... sort of. I still have to straighten a few rungs. :)

The measurements in the book are pretty exact so I need to make a few adjustments like straightening up my top rungs. You can't see them from any angle. I stuck my camera in the living room to get this shot. You will be an expert measurer and rung fixer by the time you finish the landing!

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  1. Your stairs look Great to me but I know the struggle that they can present. Good for you for sticking to it and getting it done! I love this upper hall too! I Just purchased Lea's book last week and thoroughly enjoying it! :D