Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bathroom Tiles and Bricks

On the bathroom side of the partition, there are tiles that go half way up the wall. There are a lot of tiles in the bathroom. The ventilation window was cut out over the door with a hole saw. The walls in the bathroom are painted wicker white and the tiles came out a little grey and they will get a coat of pearl acrylic. I made my own tiling but they make dollhouse tile if you want to save some time.

The tub side wall has tile all over it but I just made tile to go down half the wall. I'm going to paint the other half of that wall. The opposite wall gets a faux brick look from scored foam core.

I wanted to use a stencil with spackling or gel medium over it but I could not find a small enough stencil in any of the craft stores near me so I used an old model train trick. I scored foam core board with an exacto and then scored the cut lines with a ball tipped tool. It makes the paper look folded inward on the lines to look like bricks. It doesn't have the rough brick texture I wanted but it works. Then I painted it all gloss white.

I also made the bathroom floor tiles cut out of cereal box cardboard. I wanted something to warm the room up a little. Too much white and grey for me. The fixtures will all be white too so... I painted these a warm butter nut color and smeared my grout all over them being careful not to wipe too much off so it would look like marble. Anyway, that's the look I was going for.

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  1. Hi Theresa! You are really making progress on your French House. Good for you! Your tiles are a really lovely color; and a Good Choice! :))