Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Landing Hall

The upstairs landing is an interesting part of the house. It's not easily accessible except through the bathroom door and the living room french doors.

I put a chair and some picture frames in the hall.

There is a little landing between floors. You can see the light coming from the third floor nursery.

This stairway was probably the most challenging thing about this whole house. It's also the most interesting architecture of the house. Most doll houses don't have an elaborate staircase like this one.

I wish it were a little more accessible so I could play more with that area of the house. It's hard to get my cell phone in there to get a good picture!

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  1. Hi Theresa! I love the staircase and the second floor landing! You are right in that the staircase threads its way to the third floor in a complicated climb but the results of your efforts has made it incredibly interesting to view. And even though it is difficult to access, the fact that it is there, makes the house feel real and makes the viewer even more curious to try and see into it! Good work! :D