Friday, September 11, 2015

Detailing the Exterior

I decided to lighten the colors of the exterior just a shade and I like it much better. The first thing I did to the roof was to variegate the color for a rain runoff, weathered look. I dry brushed on a lighter color blue and added a silver wash to make it look weather beaten.

I needed to add a base to the house so I could keep the steps from getting torn off when I turned it around so I used plywood sub-flooring and added a little chunky wooden "concrete" wall to it so my house could set into the base but still be lifted off for getting to the wiring if needed. I glued the steps to the base instead of the house.

I will probably have to cut a hole in the side of the base to reach the light switch with my finger so the house won't have to be tipped to turn on the lights. I can do that.

The next thing I did was to put down some brick and stone (cardboard) walks with grout, add moss sheets for grass and a little moss between the bricks, then I started thinking about bushes, flowers and vines. I have to remember not to glue anything to the base AND the sides of the house together. I will have to make the vines on the house just look like they are growing out of the ground.

So I got my greenery cut and made some bushes and climbers for the outside of the house.

I used a hot glue gun to fasten the greenery to the base and the walls. I hate hot glue guns... I always get burned. Now I have a blister under my thumb.    :(  I guess I need a glue gun safety class.

I wanted to add little surprise touches to the house. I want to add a light to the porch, maybe a mailbox and some house numbers... I thought of a little bird nest and some birds near the chimney and... it may be the project that never ends but I want to eventually put plexi-glass walls on the back to keep the dust out so it can be displayed. I could make them sliding into a frame instead of hinged... you see how this can be dragged out.

To make a stopping point to my project, I'm going to do a grand tour of the house while I get started on another project. So - tour coming up!

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  1. Hi Theresa! I LOVE the way that you have finished the exterior with the entry stairs and the plantings. It has emphasized the softness and feminine quality of your French townhouse. Really Really Pretty! :D