Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Kitchen Tour

The metal heat deflector over the stove was fun to make and it adds an old world charm to the kitchen. (I'll have to work on my dish cloths, they didn't want to lay flat with hairspray.)

I did make a rug for the kitchen. I printed one out on real canvas on my printer and added fringe to each end.

The hutch looks a little modern for this room but I wanted one that displayed my dishes. I made the dishes and cups myself. The food items were bought off ebay.

You can see the mirrored panel I made on the buffet. Since directions weren't given for the one in the book, I didn't want to copy that one exactly but I wanted another mirrored object in the room.

I love the sink and the little drain board. I might paint the pipes silver because they are hard to see.

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  1. Hi Theresa! Your french kitchen has a lot of charm and I am still totally impressed that you took on the challenge to make all of the fittings yourself! Quite an ambitious enterprise, however the results were well worth it! :D