Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Bedroom Tour

The chandelier and mirrors add such a romantic feel to this room. But the room really came alive when the flowers were put on the mantel. Yep, that's my wedding picture there.

The built-ins in this room is what makes it so interesting.

That little vanity was the crowning touch to this room. The little perfume bottles are made out of beads.

I put some little coat hangers in the shallow closet. If I had been thinking ahead, I could have put pull out drawers under the closet and bookcase.

The inside is done.

The outside is done. I'm calling this project DONE and DONE!!! (I can always go back and re-visit and update!)


  1. The bedroom is gorgeous! I love the fireplace. The exterior of the house is breathtaking!

  2. Hi Theresa! The master bedroom is perhaps my new favorite room in your French house! I love your choice of wall paper as well as the recessed cabinets and the bed, which you have so beautifully dressed. It is all so Romantic!
    I am both happy to see this Wonderful house of yours, and sad that it has reached its conclusion.
    But CONGRATULATIONS in following the book from start to finish! It's Beautiful! :D


  3. Therese, my own copy of C L Frisoni's book came in the mail today. I found your blog and your beautiful rendition of the Chateau and I was hoping you'd answer a few of my novice questions. Re: English to American products, 1mm bristolboard=thick chipboard? Glasspaper? It seems impossible--using layers of bristol board the finished product seems solid-no layered look in the photos. Did you continue to work in millimetres? Thanks for your reply

  4. I'm sure you can find bristolboard in a good art department but I just used poster board and/or cereal boxes. I easily scored and cut thin paper layers from the cereal boxes to make marks in my "outer stones". I did work and measure everything in metrics. I find it extremely logical and more accurate to measure units in tenths than in eighths. You get used to it after a while. Good luck with your project. This took me about 6 months from start to finish making nearly everything by hand.