Sunday, September 6, 2015

Folding Screen

I wanted to make this little screen because it does add a little "extra" charm to the living room. There's just so much furniture in there! I cut my pieces out and hinged them together with card and white cloth tape. I only added the polymer mirror pieces to the tops. I used a floral print for the panels.

I used layers of card to make it the thickness I wanted. I cut out the frames for the front panels and painted them gold.

After gluing the frames and window separators on, I added the legs on and then coated the edges and back with gesso and let it dry. Then I coated it all with gold paint... and let that dry.

I didn't add gold braid trim to the front like shown in the book. I didn't have enough to go around all three panels so instead, I used dimensional paint lines on top of the framing to give it depth. The little ornamental details were also added with gold dimensional fabric paint. I made little bows and ribbons by cutting out thin strips of card, smooshed them up, then made three loose bows and glued them to the tops of the panels.

I positioned the bows with a toothpick while I glued them in place. I filled in the back of the bows with glue and let them dry, then gesso'd them all and painted them gold. The finished screen is just plain cute so I'm glad I got to make one for the house.

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