Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Working On The Inside

I love the sleeping area because it can be closed off with a decorative wall so you don't have to share it with the living area. I chose a dark finish for the wood. I laid down the wooden floor with skinny sticks. I stained it with watery FolkArt Burnt Umber acrylic paint then I gave it a coat of glossy ModPodge for a waxed look.

I used scrapbook paper to glue on to the walls. I wanted a colorful 'hippie' vibe. Can't you just see colorful pillows and string beads already?

The divider wall was the most fun to figure out. I used little poly mirrors for the slide doors and decorated them with a white gel pen. I wanted an etched glass look but when I tried to scratch the plastic, the mirror looked funny and my tool was hard to control on the slick surface. I like the delicate look of the white pen marks but it's not very durable. It can be scratched off. Good to know if you make a mistake though. My mirrors are recessed by gluing the frames over them. The mirrors underneath are full square pieces.

I made the grooves for the sliding doors by gluing on strips of wood to the top and bottom of the large mirror area. The doors are a little taller than the opening so they slide. I also added matching doors to the storage area under the bed. The bottom mirrors get the same decorative treatment as the door panels.

I added a little pull out table to the wall because I thought it was a good idea. It's the perfect use of a wasted space since there are going to be two seats right outside the mirrored wall.

Love all the wood. Won't this be fun to decorate!

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