Sunday, October 18, 2015

Built Ins

I like the way the furniture is built into the wagon. The seats are easy to make, they are just little cushions setting on a wood frame. I chose a fabric with some yellow, green and gold in it for the seat cushions and just glued the fabric over cutout pieces of foam core. I covered the (foam core) mattress with fabric and glued to the back, then made some little accent pillows.

The stove turned out really cute. Flat black paint made it look like cast iron. I made a little heat reflector over the stove out of aluminum tape and card, then scratched a design on it with a ball point tool. The stove pipe is a half inch dowel. I made the handles for the stove out of wire.

Most wagons have a dresser and some sort of bookcase or closet. I've not seen any two that are exactly alike. I made a little dresser on one wall. The top drawer opens but the rest is faux made to look like a built-in.

I also made a closet next to the stove for storage.

The mollicroft really was a forerunner to modern skylights. It was a neat area to make and decorate. It throws additional light into the rooms so I wanted to keep it bright and airy. Some of these wagons are really over-decorated with strips of trim and bright paint patterns everywhere but I didn't want to do that to this one. One thing I've noticed about gypsy wagons is that you never see anything painted all white. Everything is decorated and colorful. I used a scrapbook paper with a flower motif for the ceiling.

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out!


  1. The paper on the mollicroft is such a wonderful colour and pattern. I also love the colourful bedding.

  2. The interior of your Gypsy Wagon is really lovely! I think too that you have planned the space well and made it look really inviting.
    I love the idea of using the hardware cloth for the upper iron railing- such Satisfying results! :D