Saturday, October 10, 2015

Windows and Trims

The little back window is stained glass look made with thin plexiglass. I used permanent markers to draw on the pattern and color it in, I used white glue for the frosted look. Then I put the window on hinges to prop open outward.

I wanted my windows to open like house windows so I made them in little frames in the cutouts. Next time I make windows that open like this, I will put them together separately before setting them in the cutouts. I think that will be easier.

NOTE: Apple Barrel's Vineyard Green has been discontinued but the same shade still exists. It is now called Marsh Green.

The carved decorative trims for the outside are actually little 2" x 3" laser cut frames I found in the Christmas decorations at Michaels but you can use any decorative swirly wood you want. You could even cut out and "carve" your own pieces with a ball point tool. I just thought these were really pretty so I tried to use as much of them as possible. I did manage to use the whole frame cut in pieces on my wagon. It took 2 frames.

The tail gate holds all that junk you travel with like chairs, tables, buckets, umbrellas and other household stuff like a little garage. It will be fun to make some of that stuff. I used long brass hinges to hold the gate onto the back porch.

The bottom storage section could hold a spare wheel, shovel and other tools. Any gaps in the wood when you put the wagon together can be filled with wood filler or vinyl spackling.

I put little seats on the front of the porch on each side of the door. You need a place to sit when you guide your horse-drawn wagon down the road don't you?

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