Thursday, October 22, 2015

Finishing The Inside

I knew there would be a little sewing involved in finishing the bed because I needed pillows. The seat cushions and mattress are just fabric wrapped around foam core and glued to the back though - no sewing involved with them. The only real sewing I did was on the pillows.

I had some little dishes I bought a while back and only used two of the cups and saucers so I decided to use the rest of the set here. I made a little corner cupboard with a plexi front. The angles were a little tricky because of the slanted wall but with a little trial and error, I got it to fit together pretty well.

I made a little step stool so you can get in and out of the bed easily. It can be stored out of the way under the bed.

I made a little lamp for the dresser. It is made from two beads, a button and the cap of a little squeeze bottle that has been cut off and reamed out with an exacto.

It's lit from a tiny light kit with a button cell battery that's hid in the drawer. It has a little on/off switch in the drawer. The wire runs into the drawer from the top and the lamp is glued onto the dresser.

The hardest part of decorating this wagon was figuring out how to add railing to the shelves. I wanted to do them out of metal like I'd seen in some real wagons but I didn't want to use raw wire and try to get it to look right.

I remembered I had some hardware cloth coated in plastic so I cut two strips to size for both shelves then bent and glued them in place. It worked! It's just the look I wanted.

A few little books and pictures here and there to personalize the space. The look of frames on the pictures is done by dragging the edges along a Tim Holtz distress ink pad color Vintage Photo. Then I glued the pictures right onto the walls.

The bed area also gets a homey touch with its own photos on the walls.

Curtains, blinds or string beads? I had trouble deciding so I finally went with sheer tulle curtains on the windows.

I used my white gel pen to decorate the door glass, then I put a layer of tacky glue over that and rippled it by dabbing my finger over it while it was still wet. It looks frosted when it dries.

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  1. This is so adorable - and it tells the loving heart of yours. My favourite is this little green lamp out of pearls, so cute! What an idea!
    A world in a world - so we can escape and sometimes live this, hm?
    Happy greetings, thanks for sharing this, Méa