Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rung Back Chairs

I got two chair kits that are the same in my stash. (I now have a miniature furniture stash). I wanted some chairs with rungs for backs so I took this kit, switched out the back pieces and made rungs out of toothpicks for them. I also cut pieces for the seat to look like slats. For the baby's room I painted a white chair and the plain wood chair goes in the hall outside the bathroom.

All I did was lower the top back piece a little and cut a bottom piece of wood for each chair. The rungs get glued in-between.

I decided to use four rungs for each back. The pattern calls for padded seats. They come with blue fabric in the kit so you can gauge how much fabric you will need to use, but you can use any fabric you want - or none at all. There are so many cute little chairs in this series of kits and ways you can modify them. They can all be bashed to make a multitude of unique chairs for every room.

And now that I have the kits, I can make my own patterns based on them to make more chairs. Yippee! (I still like to make the fancy ones from the book too!)

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