Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kitchen Table

There is no pattern in the book for a kitchen table so I made mine out of balsa wood and then painted it with a white wash and stained the edges. It didn't look exactly the way I wanted it to. It's a little too rustic for the dining room half of the room. You can see how it went together by looking at the underside.

I decided to give it a stained wood look. It makes the kitchen a little darker but it looks right. The chairs will be dark too but not too matchy-matchy. From the book, I still want to make some more furniture from scratch even though not all the furniture has instructions. For most of the rest of the furniture I will use kits and ready-mades and just modify them to my liking.

Then I can take my time decorating the living room and adding special little touches. That living room really has a lot of furniture in it! I really don't want the project to end. I'm enjoying playing with it too much! I'm already thinking of more things I can add already.

I might put hinged walls (doors) on the back of the house to keep the dust out... just one more idea I have thought of... we'll have to see.

1 comment:

  1. It's a great table! I think that will look fantastic in your kitchen. Great work!