Thursday, July 23, 2015

Entry Table

I'm really getting into the shabby chic look for my house. I've learned that being "not so perfect" is just right. There is something beautiful about worn furniture. Each piece has its own story that new furniture just can't tell yet.

So I put together this Queen Anne table from a vintage kit. I sanded the piece after I stained it to give it a little wear. It's a replica but I'm not a purist... I like to bash and shabby it up.

The little drawer pulls were so tiny and fiddly... but I eventually got them put on. The wood was easy to poke holes in for the wires. I just used a straight pin.

I love the delicacy and precision of these little furniture kits and they go perfectly with my little shabby french chic house.

All it needs now is a little vase of flowers on it.

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