Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bedroom Vanity with Pull Drawers

A pattern is given in the book for this cute little three mirror vanity that I fell in love with so I had to make it. I cut the mirror frame pieces out of cereal box card and stuck the polymer mirror pieces between the backing and the frame. I buy the mirror stuff by the sheet in the Tim Holtz section at the craft store but I've seen other brands out there too.

The dresser pieces are cut from two different thicknesses of balsa. The little drawers pull out on the original pattern but mine don't because they were too fiddly for me. I didn't have a lot of patience for them this particular day.   :)~

The legs are wooden stair rails that have been cut down. I added a "wooden" decorative ribbon to the top of the mirror by mashing a strip of paper and shaping it into a tied ribbon after coating it with glue. You can use regular little hinges (I used metal tape) and glue them to the back of the mirrors. The little side mirror bottom edges are glued to the tops of the drawer boxes.

I put the vanity together and gave it a coat of white paint and let it dry overnight before glazing it with gold paint and then going back over it with white dry brushed on top of it (I went a little heavy on the gold). I added little suggestions of drawer pulls and decorative trim to it with glossy accents. It dries clear and hard and can be easily painted over.

It looks so cute in the bedroom. I got a bunch of vintage kits (The House of Miniatures) for cheap on ebay to help me finish making the rest of the furniture - especially all those chairs. I have three decorative chairs to make from scratch with patterns for the living room alone! I've got six additional chairs and assorted furniture pieces in kits that I'm going to use for various rooms to complete them. I may bash a pre-cut chair or two so they don't all match. And I need to make a low back vanity chair out of one of them.

I'm thinking about maybe painting some rugs on canvas too. Hmmm... so much more to do.

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