Monday, June 8, 2015

The House Part Is Done!

In my mind, there was always going to be two parts to this project. The first part was getting the house together and getting the rooms decorated. Then the second part was to make all the furniture. I wasn't sure which one was going to be the most time consuming, or the most fun. So far, I've had a blast. I've never made a house this detailed, precise OR as polished as this one. I feel like I can take a deep breath now.

Going about it like I did is pretty much the plan if you follow the book. So, I've gotten the first part finished and I'm trying to decide what furniture I want to make first.

The outside of the house is finished. I could add some wear and tear on the ground level to look more realistic, and I could add some vines and plants, flower boxes, etc... I could streak the roof to give it some character - and I might do all that stuff later. There are so many possibilities here.

The inside of the house is "show ready". It's in the same state a real house would be in if you were to show it for sale. Fresh paint, clean floors and new doors.

I have never made much dollhouse furniture from scratch but I love the style of this little french country house so I'm looking forward to learning how to do all that too. Boy - that baby's room looks really bright in this picture. I might tone that down with a white wash... just noticed that.

The furniture in the book is just darling so I can hardly wait.

I'm finding what I love the most about this house is those little chandeliers! I don't know why? I'm surprised by how good the floors turned out too since I didn't exactly follow the book on those. I found an easier way to do them.

I'd like to shrink myself down and just move right in! Can't wait to get started on the child's bed since I already have a baby for the house. Then I think I'll go downstairs to the entry and do something there.

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