Friday, June 19, 2015

Entry Way Chair

This is the first chair I wanted to get made because the entry way looked so naked without furniture. The chair looks really complicated until you break it down in parts. I didn't think I had enough little spindles to make it but I did. I also used thin skewers for some of the rails.

Most of it is made from several layers of cardboard glued together. I did use little straight pins to reinforce what I could before gluing.

I used cotton cord with a gold thread running through it to make the "rattan" looking seat and glued the ends underneath.

I used little beads for the top of the back rails and then filled the holes with glossy accents. When the glue was all dry, I painted it white being careful not to get any paint on the seat. Then I dry brushed some maple stain on it and wiped it off.

TA-DA! A perfect little chair for the entry hall and not that hard to make.

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