Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Boudoir Is Done!

Oh my! I'm so in love with this room! And the house is finished (mostly) with the decorating part. I have a few little details to fix here and there. Then comes the fun of making the furniture from scratch. I'm glad Lea Frisoni's book gives the details for most of that too. I feel like I've learned so much already!

The bedroom was a little challenging with all the built-ins but it went really quick because I had already done everything in the other rooms so this one seemed easy. The instructions in the book were the best that I've ever made anything from. All the measurements are pretty spot on. I honestly knew how I was going to do most things in the house before I got to them.

The book calls for the fireplace to light up but I was really over and done with all the electrical wiring stuff at this point so mine doesn't light up but I can add button cell lighting later if I choose to. You can always add wiring to a house somehow.

I also did not put ceiling beams in this room. Instead I glued decorative textured paper onto the ceiling and I wanted to showcase that instead. I would like to add some medallions to the chandeliers maybe later.

I finally got the last door up! TA-DA! The boudoir is done!

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  1. Hi Theresa! Congratulations on getting this bedroom finished and looking so pretty! What a difference the textured paper makes to the ceiling. It looks very elegant in this room and the built-ins turned out very well indeed! Now I can hardly wait to see how you decorate it. :))