Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Outside Doors

The front doors and transom are all hand made. The front doors open inward so I made cloth hinges. I don't want the windows to open though. Just all the doors. I will need to make some adjustments to the door frame for the door to open inward.

I made the little locks out of balsa and painted them gold. The doorknobs are pre-made. I could make my hinges out of heavy aluminum tape and wires or use pre-made hinges but I didn't want to do that for the front doors so I used cloth hinges because I think they look nicer and they are easier to handle. I use white or black duct tape (depends on the door color) to make my hinge run the full length of the door and they are glued between the layers of the door itself and just under the woodwork.

The frosted window glass on the front door and transome is clear plastic covered with glue. You just dab your finger across the glue to make it look textured when it dries. Something else new I've learned. It looks just like frosted, textured glass.

I like my doors to fit tight so I sometimes add a layer of paint to the edges just so they will stick when closed. I took the glazing strips off the back door cause I don't want any of my doors to be exactly alike. I haven't installed the back door yet. I want to make sure it opens nicely over the flooring first.

This is how the backdoor will look finished from the outside.

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  1. I love your choice of doors! The sophisticated front door and the more relaxed back door. It's perfect! I didn't know about the glue trick. I'll have to try that!