Saturday, March 7, 2015

Outside Stucco

Once the outside is textured and dried, the masking tape comes off. Now I can dry fit the upper story together to make sure the pieces will fit before I glue them together and add the top story onto the house.

The outside really looks good but I still need to cut and fit the trims on so that all the spackling I just did will be the recessed part and the brick and stone trims will look like they were built in.

The sides turned out well and the texture looks just like stucco. This is the kitchen side and will have a window and door with steps. I will add vines and a window box with flowers too eventually. The horizontal strips will be covered with wood trim.

This gives a good idea what the front of the building will look like if you can imagine doors, windows, dormers, roofing and a chimney. And a paint job and the front door entry will have steps too.

It might seem like I'm moving along pretty quickly with this project but believe me, it is a lot of work cutting, sanding, gluing and making everything fit together just right. The real work is the interior. That's where the real fun is too. I don't think it will come together so quickly once I get inside the house. 

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  1. Interesting project! I have three dollhouses myself-- have posted about them on my blog over the years. I've never built one however. Good luck!